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Open Society Initiative for Western Africa OSIWA SENEGAL

Contact : Nana Tanko, Acting Executive Director - Abdel Fatau Musah, Senior Program Officer
Adresse / Address : Immeuble EPI, Boulevard du Sud et Rue des Ecrivains Point E, Dakar
B.P. 008, Dakar-Fann       Dakar-Fann
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URL : EN / FR / PO
Created : 2000 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : The Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) is part of the global network of 32 autonomous foundations founded and supported by George Soros. These nonprofit foundations share a commitment to the advancement of open society. Based on the premise that no one has a monopoly on the truth, an open society recognizes the importance of different views and interests and remains forever open to improvement. In practice, open societies are characterized by the rule of law, democracy, respect for diversity and human rights, free markets, informed citizenry, and vibrant civil society. Current priorities (1) Human Rights: OSIWA supports organizations that defend and promote the rights of marginalized and disadvantaged communities by documenting violations and conducting civic education. (2) Democracy and Governance : OSIWA promote political systems that embrace equality, the rule of law and good governance. (3) Media: OSIWA helps communities gain access to independent information and uncensored media, and promotes diversity in media ownership. By appealing to cultural and linguistic sensitivities, community-based media—media adapted for community use—engages the largest possible local audience and is an extremely effective tool for increasing participation in civil society. (4) Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): Information and communications technologies (ICTs)—the rapidly advancing technologies associated with the convergence of computers, telecommunications and traditional media—are important tools that West Africa can use to bolster civil society, promote development, and integrate itself into the knowledge-based global economy. (5) Law and Justice: OSIWA supports projects that strengthen the rule of law in countries across the sub-region. (6) HIV/AIDs: OSIWA focuses its support in the area of HIV/AIDS policy at the national level, while also funding community-level projects targeting marginalized groups, specifically women and children.

Affiliation : OSF

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[ENGLISH follows]OSIWA apporte son appui aux médias communautaires qui donnent aux citoyens la capacité d'agir en constituant un forum d'idées et d'information. OSIWA aide les communautés à accéder à une information indépendante et à des médias non censurés, et préconise la multiplicité en matière de propriété des médias. En contentant les sensibilités culturelles et linguistiques, les médias communautaires - adaptés aux besoins des communautés - attire le public local le plus vaste et constituent un outil extrêmement efficace pour accroître sa participation au sein de la société civile. ______________ENGLISH Among other programmes, OSIWA supports community-based media, which empowers citizens by providing a forum for ideas and information. Each year, OSIWA disburses $10 million in grants to support country-specific and regional initiatives in the following program areas: human rights (including women’s political and economic empowerment), democracy and governance, media and technology (including information and communications technologies (ICTs), legal reform and transitional justice, and HIV/AIDS. Within the context of the program areas, OSIWA is particularly interested in supporting organizations that promote the interests of marginalized communities, such as women and children. Following extensive consultation with civil society, non-governmental organizations and governments throughout West Africa, OSIWA’s board of directors and staff periodically set funding priorities to target specific areas of need.

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