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Free Play Foundation FPF SOUTH AFRICA

Contact : Kristine Pearson, Director - Lisa Burger, Project Coordinator
Adresse / Address : Unit 12 Montague Industrial Park - Montague Drive - Montague Gardens
PO Box 36709       Chempet 7442
Tel. : +(27)21 551 7791
Fax. : +(27)21 551 0523
EMail : 
Created : 1998 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : FREEPLAY FOUNDATION'S MISSION The Freeplay Foundation is unlike any other non-profit humanitarian organisation in the world. Its sole mission is to enable sustained delivery of radio information and education to the most vulnerable populations via self-powered radios. Working mostly in Africa, where affordable energy is scarce or non-existent, the Freeplay Foundation collaborates with professionals in education, health, agriculture, peacemaking, and voter education - all sectors where radio can play a vital or even life-saving role. RADIO: THE WORLD'S LIFELINE Much of the developed world drowns in data from the Information Superhighway. Yet in developing countries, most have never made a phone call and few have ever switched on a computer. Radio remains the world's lifeline. The greatest barrier to the alleviation of poverty is isolation. Access to radio can reach anyone isolated by geography, language, conflict, illiteracy or poverty. Millions of dollars are spent annually to create developmental radio programming, yet the target audience, the poor, may never hear it. The reason is power - most people do not have electricity or cannot afford the on-going cost of batteries.

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The Freeplay Foundation is committed to providing innovative, affordable and practical energy solutions to ensure sustained access to information via radio. The Freeplay Foundation seeks new applications for Freeplay's unique wind-up and solar powered technology and makes those applications real and tangible, as evidenced in the Lifeline radio. RADIO: THE WORLD'S LIFELINE Lifeline radio is a robust radio that can be operated easily by adults and children alike, heard by groups of up to 40 and powered by either wind-up or solar-powered energy.

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