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Open Society Foundation for South Africa OSFSA SOUTH AFRICA

Contact : Executive Director: Zohra Dawood - Media Programme: Noma Rangana
Adresse / Address : Colinton House, Norwich Oval, 1 Oakdale Road, Newlands 7700
P.O. Box 23161       Claremont 7735
Tel. : 021-683 34 89
Fax. : 021-683-3550
EMail : 
Created : 1993 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : The Open Society Foundation was founded by George Soros in April 1993 to promote the ideal of an open society in South Africa; an ideal which includes democracy, a market economy, a strong civil society, respect for minorities and tolerance for divergent opinions. The foundation has been established in the conviction that the collapse of a closed, apartheid society will not lead automatically to the emergence of an open society in South Africa. In its work the foundation will encourage new approaches and ideas which will contribute to the creating of an open society in South Africa. The Open Society in South Africa is grant-making organisation, and is a member of the International Soros Foundations Network. The Foundation’s strategy is to support and engage in activities that focus on the delivery of a needed service. In doing so it has decided it will: * act in a limited number of priority areas and with projects which will initiate change and produce demonstrable results within two years * seek major ventures or fresh ideas that would not see the light of day without the resources and assistance of the Foundation * seek to act in co-ordination and co-operation with other organisations and funding agencies to ensure that resources are optimally used The Foundation will seek to ensure that in its work all projects should have: * an ongoing institution-building impact * an emphasis on sustainability * a mutually reinforcing impact wherever possible.

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Open Society Foundation - South Africa develops a specific Media Programme. It seeks to promote media plurality and the use of the media as a tool for sustaining democracy and promoting development in South Africa. Areas of support: (1) Community Radio: The Media Programme of OSF-SA began providing support for community radio in 1993, as South Africa entered a new era of democracy. Since then the programme has provided sustained support in this sector ranging from equipment and technical support, training, and organisational development to stations. OSF-SA’s current issues of interest in this area are: Audience Research, Technical Support, Training (2) Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) : The Media Programme recognises that communication technologies have the potential to play a pivotal role in strengthening and promoting development, poverty reduction and open society. (3) Programming Production and Content : The Media Programme has long provided support for programming in community radio in the belief that strong content is vital to harnessing the great potential of this format. The Media Programme has now extended this interest to other formats including television, video, film, print and performance. (4) HIV/AIDS: OSF-SA has recently embarked on a new project focused specifically on strengthening media content in relation to HIV/AIDS. This includes a pilot project focused on community radio. OSF-SA produced some handbooks focused on community radio (see TRRAACE Resources, section: library). They can be dowloaded from the website.

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