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Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa OSISA SOUTH AFRICA

Contact : Executive Director: Ms. Tawanda Mutasah
Adresse / Address : 12th Floor, Braamfontein Centre - 23 Jorrisen Street
      Braamfontein 2017
Tel. : (27 11) 403 3414, 403 341
Fax. : (27 11) 403 2708
EMail : 
Created : 1997 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) collaborates with other organizations on issues surrounding the rule of law, democracy building, human rights, economic development, education, the media, and access to technology and information. The Initiative's varied activities share a common goal of reducing poverty, HIV/AIDS, and political instability. Our Vision: "A vibrant inclusive society in which citizens, free from material and other deprivation, understand their rights and responsibilities, and are empowered to participate democratically in all spheres of life." Our Mission: "To identify and support organisations, institutions, programmes and movements through education, promotion of human rights, the free flow of information and initiatives that strengthen the pursuit of an open society" Media Programme: The OSISA media programme aims to promote the development of more open, just and democratic societies in which those in positions of power are accountable to those they serve. To achieve this, the OSISA media programme aims to empower women, young people and other marginalised people to exercise their right to communicate through mass media, and thereby to enhance the public watchdog role of such media. Accordingly, the OSISA media programme will support initiatives that: * Promote the right of all people to communicate. * Play a role in holding those in authority and power accountable to those they are supposed to serve. * Encourage the free flow of diverse and relevant information through mass media. * Support the development of mass media that is accessible to and / or controlled by the people these media seek to serve. * Enhance the long-term sustainability of non-governmental mass media.

Affiliation : OSF

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[PORTUGUÊS follows] OSISA programs have aided the development of constitutions; assessed judicial independence and the government’s commitment to the rule of law; facilitated discussions regarding the situation of girls in southern Africa; supported radio and media monitoring; and developed awareness about poverty reduction strategies, public debt management, and the impact of debt. The Initiative has worked with other organizations to deal with national, regional, and international economic issues by targeting local and national economic planning, trade and investment, regional integration, and globalization issues. The countries covered by OSISA include Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Within the OSISA media programme’s limited resources, support will be provided to initiatives that embrace one of more of the OSISA ‘Guiding Principles’, and which: * Meet a demonstrable need that is compatible with one or more of the above 'Guiding Principles'. * Make a creative use of mass media - in particular radio and print - to meet such a need. * Are part of a broader strategy aimed at achieving one or more of the above 'Guiding principles'. * Are legally constituted and have transparent and / or democratic governance structures. * Promote the active involvement of women, young people and/or other martinalised members of society. In so doing, the OSISA media programme seeks to work closely with regional and national organisations that are themselves directed by one or more of the above ‘Guiding Principles’, and / or which represent marginalised people - in particular women and young people - seeking to exercise their right to communicate. Nonetheless, OSISA also will work independently of these organisations with individual projects that endeavour to break new ground in relation to the achievement of the above 'Guiding Principles'. All initiatives receiving support from the OSISA media programme should seek to achieve tangible results within a given time frame, and that the achievement of these results will be the basis for evaluations of the initiative and the support it receives from the OSISA media programme. The nature and scope of such evaluations will be agreed to by OSISA and the partner organisation receiving the support. _________________PORTUGUES Programa de Apoio aos Media: Iniciativa da Sociedade Aberta para África AustralPrograma de Apoio aos Media A OSISA é a primeira fundação regional que se compromete a financiar organizações e indivíduos que trabalham para criar uma sociedade aberta na qual a boa governação, os direitos humanos e a justiça possam florescer e crescer. A OSISA financia programas na educação, nos media, direitos humanos e democracia bem como o desenvolvimento de micro e pequenos empresas. Abaixo apresentam-se as directrizes para o financiamento dos media e projectos com estes relacionados. Os órgãos de informação que apoiamos A OSISA promove os órgãos de informação que são: * Acessíveis aos indivíduos que normalmente não têm acesso à informação. * Independentes de quaisquer interesses, quer de grupos politicos, religiosos, comerciais ou étnicos, etc. * Viáveis por serem bem administrados e não dependem somente dos fundos dos doadores. * Orientados para o interesse público ado o seu conteúdo ético e crítico, e dada a cobertura que fazem aos assuntos da sociedade aberta. Instituições que a OSISA apoia * A imprensa escrita, pois na ausência de um ambiente propício para uma rádio independente nos países da OSISA, a imprensa escrita é o meio mais influente para o desenvolvimento de uma sociedade aberta. * A rádio, porque em última análise é menos despendiosa do que a imprensa escrita ou a televisão e é mais acessível às populações rurais com maior índice de analfabetismo. * As ONGs, tais como as organizações que trabalham a favor dos direitos humanos, sindicatos de jornalistas, organizações que defendem a liberdade de imprensa e associações legais que lutam pelos direitos dos media e liberdade de expressão. Também serão consideradas aquelas ONGs que estão engajadas na promoção de uma imprensa mais acessível e mais viável.

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