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Audience Dialogue AUSTRALIA

Contact : John Goslino
Adresse / Address : P.O. Box 75       Crafers South Australia 5152 Tel. : +61 8 8339 8232 (from outside); 0400 805 233 (within Australia)
Fax. : +61 8 8339 8039 (from outside)
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Created : 1999 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : Audience Dialogue is a consultancy, formed in 1999 by Dennis List. We're based in Adelaide, South Australia, but have clients on most continents. Our specialty is media research, in the broadest sense, covering evaluation, marketing, and futures assessment. The methods we use include: * organizing and analysing surveys; * training clients' staff do to their own audience research; * setting up monitoring systems, databases, etc; * qualitative research - including some methods we have developed, such as consensus groups and co-discovery conferences; * website evaluation and usability testing; * web development, particularly for educational sites and conferences; * helping clients develop scenarios and marketing plans; * training in internet-related topics. Audience Dialogue was and is completely independent, not owned by any other organization.

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The aim of the "Audience Dialogue" web site is to provide useful information for communicators of all kinds: broadcasters, publishers, NGOs, arts groups, webmasters, educators... and anybody else who's interested in using research-based techniques to make their communications more effective. The initiator of the site specially welcomes people in developing countries: they try to make this web site easily accessible, even if you have a slow internet connection, or an old computer. To help people whose first language is not English, they have tried to write in a way that you can easily understand, avoiding technical jargon and cultural assumptions. This website is divided into three main areas: Tools, Techniques, and Cases. Tools The Tools section of this website describes the tools available for communications research, evaluation and planning. These are not hammers and saws, but tools for working with words, numbers, and software.Here you will find glossaries of technical terms, reviews of research software, and notes on writing global English. Another tool that can help people whose native language is not English is online translation. The Tools section also includes links to useful websites in our main topic areas, and reviews of books on social research methods. Techniques Techniques is the largest section of the website. It focuses on practical methods for research and planning: qualitiative and quantative audience research, designing a questionnaire, sampling, interviews, etc. The Techniques section includes the text of two books by Dennis List: "Know Your Audience: a Practical Guide to Media Research", and "Participative Marketing for Local Radio". There are pages on qualitative research methods that we've developed: the consensus group technique and the co-discovery conference. Cases and examples The cases section is in a different style: mostly narrative. Here you can find 30-odd stories describing the way we've approached some interesting research projects, as well as some amusing tales about projects that didn't turn out quite as we expected.

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