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Search for Common Ground - Brussels Offices SFCG BELGIUM

Contact : Sandra Melone, Executive Director - Laura Davis, Deputy Director
Adresse / Address : Rue Belliard 205 bte 13
      B-1040 Brussels
Tel. : (+32 2) 736 7262
Fax. : (+32 2) 732 3033
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Mission Statement : Our mission is to transform the way the world deals with conflict: away from adversarial approaches, toward cooperative solutions. Our vision is of a world where individuals, organisations, governments, and societies respond to conflict in non-adversarial ways where differences stimulate social progress, rather than precipitate violence. We seek a world in which non-violent conflict resolution is the norm, not the exception.

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[FRANCAIS ci-dessous] The European Centre of Search for Common Ground (ECCG), in partnership with Search for Common Ground (see seperate entry), is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation that operates in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, meaning the pursuit of peaceful methods of dialogue and negotiation to curb present or potential violent/non-violent conflicts. The ECCG has been working in conflict prevention and conflict resolution since 1995. It uses both classic methods of conflict resolution such as facilitation and mediation as well as innovative ones such as radio soap opera and T.V. shows. ECCG has various specific programmes in Africa, namely Centre Lokolé, DR Congo, Search for Common Ground, Sierra Leone (Talking Drum Studio); Search for Common Ground, Liberia (Talking Drum Studio); Search for Common Ground, Burundi (Studio Ijambo); Centre for Common Ground, Angola Common Ground Productions (CGP), the media division of the European Centre for Common Ground and Search for Common Ground (SFCG), creates innovative television, radio, and Internet programming for the reduction or prevention of conflict. The CGP’s role is to provide support to all domestic and international Common Ground media initiatives, as well as undertaking projects unique to CGP. In 2004, Search for Common Ground launched a new project called "Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa". There is a specific website related to this project : This website gathers materials (documents, handbooks and radio programmes) produced within the project "Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa", and makes them available to media profesionnals, and other interested people. Search for Common Ground Media Training Common Ground media trainings, lasting one to five days, are designed for both seasoned journalists, challenging them to look through a different lens, and for conflict resolution practitioners who don't have a media background but who want to use media in their programs. The trainings introduce participants to a range of conflict resolution tools in order to develop their interviewing, reporting and/or moderating skills on contentious political and social issues and in conflict situations. The purpose of CG media trainings is not to impose a methodology, but to extend the range of useful tools and skills available to media professionals and others as they go about their work. The trainings include: * Defining objectives: understanding the media spectrum * Research: distinguishing positions and interests; issue mapping * Facilitation: listening and paraphrasing skills; questioning assumptions; re-framing answers etc. * Formats: styles of writing, and tried and tested radio/TV program formats * Pre-testing and evaluation: testing if objectives (intended outcomes) are being met In the past 18 months Common Ground trainers have given media trainings to press, radio and TV journalists and producers in the Middle East, Nepal, Venezuela, and the Great Lakes region of central Africa, as well as to an international mix of journalists and producers at the Radio Netherlands Training Centre in Hilversum, and at the European Journalism Centre in Maastricht. For more information about the Search for Common Ground Media Training, please contact Francis Rolt, Radio Director for Common Ground Productions in Brussels, or Carole Frampton, Director for Outreach and Training in Washington DC, The SFCG Website proposes PDF documents on each of their programmes as well as under the "resources" section a series of documents (18) produced by Search for Common Ground or from sources affiliated with Search for Common Ground. Republication of any materials that are not copyrighted, is authorized as long as attribution is given to Search for Common Ground. _______________________FRANCAIS Search for Common Ground ( est une organisation non gouvernementale qui oeuvre dans le domaine de la prévention/résolution des conflits. L'objectif est de transformer la manière dont les individus et les groupes abordent les conflits dans le monde, afin d’éviter les approches de confrontation et de chercher des solutions fondées sur la coopération. La plupart des projets de Search for Common Ground intègrent une dimension média. En 2004, Search for Common Ground a lancé un projet "Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa" dont le but est de développer des techniques de construction de la paix adaptées au média radio en Afrique sub-saharienne. En créant ce projet, Search for Common Ground veut renforcer la radio comme vecteur de construction de la paix auprès des professionnels africains. Ce projet est géré simultanément depuis Bruxelles, Belgique et depuis Bujumbura, Burundi. Un site Internet spécifique est lié à ce projet : Ce site se veut un outil interactif et efficace pour les professionnels de la radio (journalistes, présentateurs, scénaristes...). Son objectif est de rendre disponibles les programmes radios, manuels pédagogiques et autres documents réalisés dans le cadre du projet Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa, et de permettre un échange constructif à propos de ces réalisations. 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