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Communication Initiative / Soul Beat Africa CI CANADA

Contact : Warren Feek
Adresse / Address : 5148 Polson Terrace
      Victoria, British Columbia, V8Y 2C4
Tel. : 1-(250)-658-6372
Fax. : 1-(250)-658-1728
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Mission Statement : Mission Statement: Space to share, debate and innovate for more effective development communication practice. Goals: Debate development communication issues and programmes Improve strategic communication analysis and action Support a stronger voice for the communication experiences and learnings in The South Expand communication and development networks in The South Promote the importance of communication for development Change Strategy: Based on the question - What do communicators for development and change need to help them do their job better on a daily basis? - the change strategy of The Communication Initiative is based on these principles: People and organisations improve the relevance and effectiveness of their work when they: Increasingly access the information they need in a form that provides quick, relevant access. Expand levels of peer commentary and review on their work, plans and ideas. Increasingly identify and engage with a network on shared issues. Develop more and better partnerships as essential elements of their action, strategy and thinking Expand knowledge of strategic options Increase inter-personal dialogue with other people in the development communication field Increase their contribution and perspective to the dialogue within the development community on effective development and communication strategies and investments Increase support for the 'voices' of the people most engaged in communication for development action being to the fore in policy dialogue and resolution

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The Communication Initiative is a partnership of about 20 organisations seeking to support advances in the effectiveness of communication interventions for international development. Radio is one of the focal point of the Communication Inititative. The extensive website is very rich and diversified: over 17,000 pages related to communication for development, which includes: programmes descriptions and experiences, evaluation and planning methodologies, changes theories, interviews, articles, listing of publications and reports, listings of training opportunities, listing of discussion forums and electronic magasines in the communication and development sectors, etc. Among other services offered, a free e-publication "The Drum Beat", a weekly electronic magasine featuring information included on the Communication Initiative web site. Communication Inititative web site offers a link to another Communication Initiative homepage dedicated to Africa, called "Soul Beat Africa", produced with Soul City, Sangonet and African partners. Soul Beat Africa aims to be a space for communicators across Africa to share experiences, materials, strategic thinking and events, and to engage in discussion and debate. This site is meant for communicators, practitioners, media makers, academics, researchers, and others who are using or are interested in communication for change in Africa. Soul Beat Africa proposes also a free e-publication circulated every other Wednesday.

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