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Community Media Association CMA ENGLAND

Contact : Mary Dowson (Chair)
Adresse / Address : Head Office CMA The Workstation 15 Paternoster Row
      Sheffield S1 2BX
Tel. : 0114 279 5219
Fax. : 0114 279 8976
EMail : 
Created : 1983 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : The Community Media Association's mission is "to enable people to establish and develop community based communications media for community development and empowerment, cultural expression, information and entertainment." Community Media Association is the UK national membership organisation for community radio, TV and Internet projects. It represents 260 organisations. The CMA (formerly the Community Radio Association) was founded in 1983. A non-profit organisation, it was set up to support a third sector of community media services alongside the BBC and commercial broadcasters. It seeks to promote the right to communicate, to provide access to training, production and distribution facilities and to encourage local creative talent. It also aims to provide a right of access to minority groups and to promote and protect cultural and linguistic diversity.

Affiliation : AMARC

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Commentaire / Comment.
CMA is the UK Community Media Association. We suggest you to go to the "Information" section of the CMA website. There you will find "The Showcase" which offers access to both fiction and non-fiction programmes in a variety of languages, made by individuals, community groups or organisations from all over the UK and beyond. Issues covered include: war and peace; the arts; disability; black and ethnic minority perspectives; gender issues; local history; human rights; health; storytelling and many more. Moreover, as an aid for users in education, subjects, where relevant, can be searched under UK National Curriculum subject headings. The archive is non-profit and free. There is no charge for programmes or training materials for non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, for the first time, multimedia programmes will be available to those on low bandwidth as well as broadband, allowing everyone to stream or download material in a way that suits their Internet connection. This website showcases the views of people in local communities from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds - voices historically unheard. It includes programmes from ethnic minorities, rural communities, young offenders, people with disabilities and many other groups. The second section to be visited is the "Library": tHere you will find information sheets, reports and policy papers. These documents are available to view or to download. However, they cannot be reproduced or distributed without permission from the Community Media Association. CMA publishes a large range of publications (books, reports and papers): you will find them in one subsection of "About CMA": unfortunately the books are expensive. However, before leaving the CMA website, visit the links: sure you will find something new and interesting !

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