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Africa Free Media Foundation AFMF KENYA

Contact : Sam Mbure, Programme Director - Emily Nyanjugu, Programme Coordinator
Adresse / Address : P.O. Box 70 147       Nairobi 00400 Tel. : +254 66 51118
Fax. : +254 66 51118
EMail : 
Created : 1993 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : Mission Statement: Our time, energy and resources are dedicated to the promotion of freedom of expression as Article19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates. We strive to promote and safeguard that freedom on the African continent and the world. We are an umbrella body housing several media houses and groups. We aim at providing temporary shelter and solace to displaced journalists, journalistic skills to enable them to be efficient and professional, raise awareness and advocacy whenever they are threatened or are facing persecutions by governments and provide them with equipment to enable them perform better.

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In a bid to address itself to new forms of censorship and strengthen emerging independent media in Africa, NDIMA has made major shift in its policies narrowing its programmes to Human Rights Advocacy and Media support. Special emphasis is now placed on training and acquisition of skills to journalists and provision of equipment. On 24th January 2006, AFMF launches three media awards: Kenya-based Africa Free Media Foundation (AFMF) formerly Network for the Defence of Independent Media in Africa (NDIMA) and US-based World Free Press Institute (WFPI) have announced the establishment of three major awards for the media in Africa. Named AFMF/WFPI Trophy for Impartial Coverage, the awards will be presented to media outlets which exhibit impartiality in covering war, conflict, election and politically motivated trials. It is becoming increasingly evident that the role played by the media in covering such events is a contributing factor in resolving or fuelling conflicts. AFMF and WFPI hope that awarding the trophies will encourage the media to offer balanced news and opinions and thereby promote democracy and peaceful co-existence. There will be three trophies to be awarded; one for the print, another for broadcast and one for electronic media which will include the internet. Each trophy is valued at USD 1,000. Nominations for the awards should be made by all through national and regional freedom of expression organizations. AFMF and WFPI will consider the nominations and make a final judgement. Winners will retain the trophy for one calendar year then surrender it for presentation to the new winners. WFPI and AFMF have gained popularity in the past for conducting tailor-made training courses for African journalists covering topics such as Free and Fair Reporting, Ethics and Investigative Journalism. Inaugural presentation will be made in February 2007. Deadline for submission from media/freedom of expression organizations will be September 30 2006. Nominations should be made to Africa Free Media Foundation (AFMF), P. O. Box 70147 Nairobi 00400, Kenya. Tel/Fax +254 66 51118; e-mail; Source: AFMF press release, quoted by Pambazuka, 24/01/2006

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