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Contact : Nomsa Dladla, Managing Director
Adresse / Address : 49 Jorissen Street 13th Floor Devonshire House Braamfontein Johannesburg
PO Box 32402, Braamfontein,       Johannesburg 2017
Tel. : +27 11 339 2277
Fax. : +27 11 403 4017
EMail : 
Created : 1995 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : Applied Broadcasting Centre (ABC) Ulwazi is a Radio Training and Production House based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our objectives are the strengthening of the community radio sector in South Africa and the development of radio as a tool for development and education. Mission Statement: ABC Ulwazi commits itself to providing professional training and quality programmes in all genres and languages to the community radio sector, as its contribution to the empowerment of South African society. It strives towards service excellence, supported by a strong belief in human rights and equality. General At ABC Ulwazi, we believe in the power of radio as a mass communications medium to communicate educational and developmental messages. We attempt to facilitate this in the following ways: - Writing and producing educational and developmental radio programmes based on thorough research and local relevance - Producing multilingual programmes in all formats and of varying lengths - Training community radio station broadcasters in content as well as presentation skills so as to draw maximum benefit from the programmes - Assisting and training community radio stations in all aspects of broadcast including marketing and management. - Distributing and archiving educational radio programmes - Evaluating the effective use of the programmes to improve future projects.

Affiliation : NCRF AMARC

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ABC Ulwazi is a radio training and production house for development and education in South Africa. In 2004 the training sessions were focused on "Covering Election", "Marketing for Sales and Marketing Managers", "News room leadership", "Producing Educational Programmes", Management for Sustainability"; ABC Ulwazi offers some bursaries for candidates from South Africa community radios stations. At the home page, it is proposed to "to join the site, becoming a member", which is free, but gives access to all the features offered on this site: including a (no complete) directory of the South African community radio stations, articles in the "Resources" section of the web site : 1. Rural radio is Africas Internet; 2. The community radio charter for Europe; 3. Radiocracy; 4. Radio and Citizenship; a free subscription to the ABC electronic newsletter. ABC Ulwazi is the publisher of the "Community Radio Handbook : The People's Voice" (2003) which can be download as a full document (4 MB) or by chapters (PDF) from the website. News dated of September 2005 * New York Connection John Van Zyl, ABC Ulwazi Managing Director, has returned from his visit to New York City. John spent 3 months working with the International Centre for Tolerance Education and making valuable contacts for ABC Ulwazi. In addition, ABC Ulwazi has appointed a New York based fundraiser, Alexis Miesen, who will be sourcing funders and partners for future projects in the US. * Featuring the Public Sphere The Mott Foundation has funded a new ABC Ulwazi project, focused on the issue of community radio and the public sphere. The project will involve the production of short features telling real stories from community radio stations, as well as training for station staff. ABC Ulwazi’s development of a South African Listeners Association model will also be built upon with 10 new community stations participating. * New Drama on Air Broadcast of ‘The Journey’ kicked of in September at 50 stations across South Africa. The drama series about HIV, AIDS and women is coupled with a series of 13 short PSA’s that emphasise key messages from the drama. Both the PSA’s and the drama series were funded by the Netherlands Embassy and are available in Sotho, Afrikaans, English and Zulu.

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