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International Journalists' Network IJNET USA

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Adresse / Address : 1616 H St NW Third Floor
      Washington, DC 20006
Tel. : 202.737.3700
Fax. : 202.737.0530
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URL : EN / SP / PO
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Mission Statement : The International Journalists' Network (IJNet) is an online service for journalists, media managers, media assistance professionals, journalism trainers and educators and anyone else with an interest in the state of the media around the world. The IJNet can help you: * track media assistance efforts in many parts of the globe * identify media outlets in more than 100 countries * retrieve background information on freedom of the press in many countries * find statistics and general data on 100+ countries * locate fellowship and training opportunities through IJNet's calendar of events * avoid the duplication of training efforts

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The IJNET website collects and gathers a lot of information about worldwide media, with special focus on training and fellowships. There is a geographical and thematic access to the information. The site offers also a tremendous numbers of Journalists' codes of ethics. In addition to the web site, IJNet produces a weekly e-mail bulletins to inform on the latest media assistance news and journalism training events. Subscribing is easy. From IJNet's home page, just click on subscribe.

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