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Reracof - Réseau des radios Communautaires de Fizi R.D. CONGO

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Created : 02/03/2008 Statut : Privé

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The network of Community radios in Fizi [south of Sud-Kivu Province, eastern DR Congo], Reracof was launched at Baraka [township of Fizi] on Sunday 02 March. The network is made up of seven radios which broadcast in the rural areas of Baraka, Mid-Plateaux, Kanguli and the Ubwari Peninsula, all in the Fizi District. The objective of the initiative is to fight misinformation, defend rights of journalists, freelance reporters and radios, in addition to reinforcing their professional capacity. According to the Executive Secretary of Reracof, a number of journalists have faced legal action because of their lack of professionalism. Three arrest cases and summons of journalists by security services have been registered in the past five months. A provisional structure has been put in place, pending the drafting of legal provisions that will govern the association. Source: Radio Maendeleo, Bukavu, 4 March 2008, translated and quoted by BBC Monitoring Global Newsline Media File 05 March 2008

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