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Réseau Africain / African Network

African Union of Broadcasting - formerly URTNA URTNA - AUB SENEGAL

Contact : Nigeria as President - Lawrence Atiase, Acting Chief Executive
Adresse / Address : 101, rue Carnot
B.P. 3237       Dakar
Tel. : 221-821 16 25 / 821 59 70
Fax. : 221-822 51 13
EMail : urtnadkr@sentoo.sn 
URL : http://www.urtna.net EN / FR
Created : 1962 Statut : Public

Mission Statement :

Affiliation :

Nb Members : 48

Commentaire / Comment.
URTNA is a professional body with more than 48 active member organizations committed to the development of all aspects of broadcasting in Africa. It encourages the exchange of indigenous programming via satellite and videocassette; strives to obtain preferential satellite tariffs to facilitate news and program exchange; represents the African point of view on legal matters such as conventions and agreements; and works with the ITU as an advisor for the PANAFTEL project. In URTNA's context, PANAFTEL objectives include improved common carrier telecommunications systems as well as satellite and terrestrial interconnections for program exchange. Since 1972, a working group conducted jointly with other international organizations has been studying the contribution of communications satellites to education, culture, and development in Africa. URTNA has conducted a long-term project with governments of member organizations to evaluate rural telecommunications needs in Africa. URTNA also presents seminars, workshops, and conferences on topics such as news, educational broadcasting and television development of communications, satellite communications, and training. URTNA is composed of the national radio and television organizations of African states that are members of the OAU. Associate members are national radio and/or television organizations from non-African countries. The General Assembly of the Union of National Radio and Television Organisations of Africa (URTNA), which was held in Abuja (Nigeria) in November 2006, has renamed the association as African Union of Broadcasting (AUB). The General Assembly also elected Nigeria as the President of the newly created Executive Council of AUB. Algeria, Benin and Mozambique are the Vice-Presidents. It was also decided to establish a "Pan African Broadcasting Network" (PABN) which would be undertaken as a three-year programme. The General Assembly adopted a strategy for the management and coverage of sporting and cultural events and approved a proposal for a major effort by members to make the coverage of the 2010 World Cup football tournament in South Africa a success. A decision was taken to close down the URTNA centres in Algiers, Nairobi, Bamako and Ouagadougou and transfer all activities to the union's headquarters in Dakar, Senegal, which would remain as the seat of the AUB. _____________FRANCAIS L'Union des Radiodiffusions et Télévisions Nationales d'Afrique (URTNA) est une organisation internationale regroupant des organismes de radiodiffusion et télévision. Créée en 1962 l'URTNA a pour objectif de promouvoir le développement des services de radiodiffusion et de télévision en Afrique. Pour cella, elle organise des séminaires et dispense des cours pratiques et théoriques à son Centre de Formation de Ouagadougou (anciennement appelé Centre Inter-Africain d’Etudes en Radio Rurale, CIERRO-). Elle développe les échanges de programmes radio/TV, des échanges de nouvelles, et assure également la couverture d’événements sportifs et culturels internationaux.

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