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Created : 1990 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : Dalet - A Global Leader in Software for Digital Broadcast Dalet is a software company that boasts an impressive customer list of more than 1,700 broadcasters in 50 countries around the world. Dalet has transformed many radio, television, corporate and government organizations, which once relied upon paper, tapes, and proprietary systems, into modern, all-digital operations.

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DaletPlus Radio Suite: State-of-the-art News Production and Music Programming DaletPlus Radio Suite provides a set of easy-to-use production and workflow management tools for news production and music programming. Every step of the production and playout process can be programmed or automated: reviews and approvals, versioning, check in / check out, searching, user permissions/views, and broadcast. Modular in design, DaletPlus Radio Suite can be implemented according to functionality needs or as a complete end-to-end radio news production and music programming solution.

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