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Developing Radio Partners DRP USA

Contact : Bill Siemering, President - Kristin Martin, Director of Administration and Programming; Jean Fairbairn
Adresse / Address : P.O. Box 40435       Washington, D.C. 20016-0435 Tel. : (215) 836-2025
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Created : 2004 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : Mission Developing Radio Partners (DRP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting independent radio stations in countries transitioning to democracy through professional development in journalism, programming, station management and finance. Developing Radio Partners identifies and responds to communities that will benefit from the community building-radio can provide. DRP is currently focusing its efforts on select communities in Africa and Asia. What DRP Does? - DRP works in partnership with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local radio stations to develop a comprehensive plan to strengthen independent radio. This begins with an assessment of the enabling environment, including an evaluation of government policies, an analysis of existing stations, and a stocktaking of stakeholders and station managers. We also meet with citizens about their needs and media use in order to form a closer link between the people and the programming. - DRP helps create community-driven agencies that can aggregate resources and set professional standards for radio stations to ensure long-term sustainability for local stations. - DRP is a resource for those looking for examples of effective uses radio and techniques for community engagement. Our work is informed by broad field experience and focused research. We are both teachers and learners, continually seeking innovative and effective solutions. - DRP is engaged in research and on-site case studies on the sustainability of radio stations in southern Africa; these case studies will be published by the Open Society Institute. - DRP identifies experienced consultants and have a roster of over thirty, both from the U.S. and abroad, who we can draw upon to implement training programs. - DRP advocates for the radio medium in development, to expand the vision of its possibilities for NGOs, multilateral institutions, and governments.

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Developing Radio Partners (DRP) is dedicated to supporting independent radio stations in young democracies through professional development in journalism, programming, station management, and finance. The DRP objectives are twofold: (1) to increase the number of independent community radio stations in newly emerging democracies; and (2) to enhance the quality and sustainability of existing independent community radio stations. DRP's special expertise is in conducting assessments of local media and media NGOs, and establishing and monitoring long-term programs and support. DRP has assembled a large professional network that can be used for training and consulting; conducting assessments; planning and executing programs to establish and sustain community radio stations; and exploring how to integrate radio into the Internet to create a news program that is accurate and free from government bias. DRP's first Africa initiative (2004-2005) will focus on West Africa. DRP plans to design and implement community radio development in Liberia and Sierra Leone including an initial assessment; identification of short-term needs such as equipment and training; design of a program addressing longer-term needs for sustainability including formation of a Sierra Leone-based community radio foundation. DRP will partner to document effective uses of local radio for peace-building in a post-conflict setting. Activities in 2005: - As part of the World Bank’s Civic Engagement Strategy in Mongolia to increase opportunities for citizen participation and encourage social accountability, DRP completed a mission in Mongolia in April 2005 to examine how community radio might be used to achieve these objectives. - In collaboration with Open Society Foundation, DRP will conduct a survey studying six local radio stations in Southern Africa that offer fifferent examples of sustainability, in view of creqting a guidebook.

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