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Malawi Community Radio Association MCORA MALAWI

Contact : Chairperson: Ms Vaida Mchaju (Nkhotakota Community Radio) - Secretary: Mr. Robert Mwanza (Mzimba Volunteers Association)
Adresse / Address :       Blantyre Tel. :
Fax. :
EMail : mcora@africamail.com 
Created : 31/05/2004 Statut : Privé

Mission Statement : The major objectives of MCORA are: i. To promote, encourage and protect community radio interests among the media landscape in Malawi. ii. To negotiate with regulatory bodies, government, local authorities, local assemblies and other international bodies for the development and extension of community radios in Malawi. iii. To promote and encourage community participation in community radios iv. To build capacity of radio practitioners, producers and managers of community radios in Malawi.

Affiliation : AMARC

Nb Members : 5

Commentaire / Comment.
The creation of MCORA is the result of foreign support to strenghten the Community Radio movement in Malawi. In spite of a progressive Communications Acts decreted in 1998, there are stil a few community radio stations in Malawi. After some fruitless tentative in 2003, backed by the World Bank Group's Community Radio initiative, on 31st May 2004 the Malawi Community Radio Association has been launched, but still with a few members: this seems to be due to the fact that the MCORA maybe has a narrow understanding of what is a "community radio"; the founding meeting was not open to some private and religious radio stations, although some show however a strong community approach. As a first action after its foundation, MCORA organised a first workshop focused on "production of thematic radio magazine programme" which has been open to more radio stations.

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