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OMB Electronic System ESPANA

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Adresse / Address : OMB-SPAIN - Camino de los Albares, 14
50410 Cuarte de Huerva       Zaragoza
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OMB produces radio transmitting systems: FM transmitters, radio links, antennas, broadcast audio mixers, etc. OMB produit des émetteurs, des faisceaux hertziens, des répétiteurs, des antennes, des tables de mixages, etc. The company is located in two locations: Europe and the United States. In Europe, OMB is located in Zaragoza, Spain, at the industrial area Cuarte de Huerva, 8 Km from the centre of Zaragoza. The transmitter factory, research and development laboratories and administrative and commercial department are located there. In the United States, the OMB facility is situated close to Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida.

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