Auteur / Author : Amra Seleskovic LIVRE / BOOK
Titre / Title : Training Course in Audience Research for Community Radio Stations
Collection / Series : On-line
Editeur / Publisher : Radio Nederland Training Centre EN
Année / Year : 2001   Nbr. Pages :      78 pages     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Community Radio needs to have established mechanism for audience needs assessment in aim to fulfil expectation of community. This "Training Course" offers all required materials - Training Modules, Trainer’s Notes and Handouts - for a three-day training session about audience research methods suited for community radio stations:
the first day of training is organised more as introduction to research while two more days have a lot of practical work.
Training introduces 13 modules about basic principles in audience research and qualitative analysis methods as follows:
1. Introduction to research
2. Key rules and steps in research
3. Different ways in audience research
4. Introduction to community needs assessment in pre-broadcasting phase
5. Introduction to audience research while on air

6. Planning audience research
7. Defining qualitative research
8. Focus groups (method in qualitative research)
9. Projective techniques for Focus Group
10. In Depth Interviews ( method in qualitative research)
11. Participant observation (method in qualitative research)
12. Analysis and reporting qualitative research
13. Desk research

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