Auteur / Author : WHITAKER, Jerry LIVRE / BOOK
Titre / Title : Master Handbook of Audio Production. A Guide to Standards, Equipment, and System Design
Collection / Series : Digital Video and Audio
Editeur / Publisher : McGraw-Hill EN
Année / Year : 2003   Nbr. Pages :      422 pages     Taille / Size

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A lot of technical explanation about waves, acoustic principles, technics, drawings; etc. Very impressive, and permanent on-line
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It's not that you won't find the essential audio techniques inside somewhere, if you're willing to dig--it's that this book is the only source that puts them all conveniently (and readably) in one place. Master Handbook of Audio Production gives you all the practical information you need to:
* Set up a full-service audio studio, while keeping to a budget
* Offer the full range of today's audio techniques
* Produce sound for video and film
* Make high-quality studio recordings
* Learn and apply digital signal processing techniques
* Select microphones, loudspeakers, headphones, and other equipment
* Discover the complete palette of powerful new audio design tools
* Get the background you want in sound physics and acoustics
The playing field has been leveled in audio production. In today's marketplace, small studios using inexpensive equipment can compete successfully against giant corporations in producing sophisticated, elaborate sound and sound recordings. This book shows you how.
Book Description
* In-depth "how-to" covering the full range of modern audio techniques--from digital sound recording in the studio to sound for digital video and film
* Details essential equipment, recording methods, and digital signal processing techniques--everything needed to produce audio
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