Auteur / Author : WILSON, Elizabeth Westman LIVRE / BOOK
Titre / Title : Building Fundraising Programs to Attract Community Support
Collection / Series : Fundraising Close to Home / 2
Editeur / Publisher : Kit Publishers / ITDG Publishing EN
Année / Year : 2001   Nbr. Pages :      277 pages     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Fundraising events, income-generating businesses, donation boxes, mail and telephone campaigns, electronic fundraising, applying for local grants, and many other approaches can be used to attract support from the community. Planning effective programs is emphasized, with a special focus on techniques for face-to-face appeals and ways to engage the business community.

1 The environment of giving
2 Setting out the reasons
3 Presenting the message
4 Planning a fundraising project
5 Asking for support face-to-face: introduction
6 Asking people for major support
7 Telephone campaigns
8 Advertising for donations
9 Approaching individual donors
10 Doing well with donation boxes
11 Organizing fundraising events
12 Launching a business: getting away from giving away
13 People like to get letters: using direct mail to raise funds
14 Direct mail: putting the package together
15 Direct mail: after the package is sent
16 Securing support from service clubs and other institutions
17 Engaging the business community: the potential
18 Engaging the business community: the obstacles
19 Engaging the business community: effective approaches
20 Using the Internet for fundraising
21 Getting the job done: working with fundraisers
22 Applying for grants: matching the missions
23 Sustainability and endowments
24 Evaluating fundraising activities
25 Sharing the challenges
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