Auteur / Author : WILSON, Elizabeth Westman LIVRE / BOOK
Titre / Title : Building Structures and Skills for Fundraising
Collection / Series : Fundraising Close to Home / 3
Editeur / Publisher : Kit Publishers / ITDG Publishing EN
Année / Year : 2001   Nbr. Pages :      279 pages     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Part one describes the necessary preparations for a fundraising campaign: the role of the leader, the board, volunteers and strategic alliances, and ways to fight fear of fundraising. Part two outlines the practical essentials of an effective communications program, from personal contacts to obtaining good media coverage and making the Internet work for you.

Contents - Part 1
1 Studying the ground before the campaign
2 Setting up the campaign headquarters
3 What are other organizations doing?
4 The role of the leader
5 The role of the board
6 Reinforcing the board
7 Fighting fear of fundraising
8 The role of volunteers
Contents - Part 2
9 Planning an effective communications program: introduction
10 Competing for attention
11 Planning to communicate
12 Seventeen paths to effective communication
13 Personal contact: making the most of the spoken word
14 Using images
15 Combining voice and image: effective audio-visual presentations
16 Making the most of print
17 The printed materials of business
18 Powerful posters
19 The basics of brochures
20 Producing effective newsletters
21 Annual reports that people want to read
22 Obtaining good media coverage
23 Planning and organizing attractive events
24 Making the Internet work for you
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