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Evaluation / Book review.
The 'NGO-in-a-box' project is a series of toolkits designed to meet the specialised technology needs of non-profits. Each toolkit is put together by experienced non-profit technology practitioners, working together to hand-pick existing software, guides and tutorials.
The aim of NGO-in-a-box is to make the most of the hands-on experiences of practitioners working in a variety of circumstances, who have already tried out these tools. The intention is to be purposefully selective, making specific recommendations and choices, not trying to include every possible tool for every possible job at hand.
At Tactical Tech we work to try and 'demystify' the use of technology for NGOs and activists, cutting down on the overwhelming choices NGOs face when trying to decide which software tools to use for which purposes. When using Free and Open Source software these problems are amplified, often sending NGOs off into un-tested and unfamiliar ground.
The resulting toolkits provide physical in-hand access to a range of free and low cost tools for non-profits. By distributing these in hard copy we hope to reduce the problems related to downloading software in developing countries, where internet access can be limited or unreliable. Each toolkit is designed to be localised, adapted and passed on between NGOs.
Each edition of NGO-in-a-box has a theme and is compiled with specific and typical NGO activities in mind. Editions already released, or currently under development are;

* a security edition; information and communication security tools for human rights activists and journalists

* the basebox edition; everything you need to set up and run a small to medium sized NGO office using open source tools

* audio/video edition; a host of tools for creating and distributing audio and video content

* open publishing; a compilation of tools and materials for small-scale online and offline publishing

* mobile phones; a handbook and toolset for using mobile phones for advocacy
Each toolkit is under continuous revision and development, we rely on your feedback and welcome you to email us at

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