Auteur / Author : ONLINE
Titre / Title : Reporting on HIV/Aids in Africa: a Manual
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Editeur / Publisher : African Women’s Media Center and UNDP EN
Année / Year : 2002   Nbr. Pages :          Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
The African Women’s Media Center created this manual as a tool for media professionals to use in improving and increasing their coverage of HIV/AIDS in Africa. This handbook provides guidelines and tips for reporters interested in successfully covering HIV/AIDS. Most of the advice was taken from experienced journalists from Africa and other regions of the world, who shared their expertise through interviews, publications, and workshops. The guide starts with the basics of good journalism: objectivity, accuracy, and news value. It includes advice for journalists who want their coverage of HIV/AIDS to be responsible and appealing.
The initiators hope that "Reporting on HIV/Aids in Africa: a Manual" will generate discussion in newsrooms about the media’s coverage of HIV/AIDS and will lead journalists to discover new angles, new perspectives, and new sources for their stories. In that way, they hope it will take a critical step toward strengthening the media’s capacity to play a constructive and valuable role in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
This resource can be download only chapter by chapter, not as a full document. Unfortunately, there is not "friendly-printing" option…

The Role of the Media
Effective Reporting - The Basics
More on Effective Reporting
How Can the Story of HIV/AIDS in Africa become Newsworthy?
Professional Standards of Ethics and Reporting
Covering Those Affected by HIV/AIDS
The Language of HIV/AIDS
Sources of Information
Finding New Angles for Reporting on HIV/AIDS
"Selling" the Story to Editors

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