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Titre / Title : The Radio Manifesto addressed by young people from around the world to radio broadcasters everywhere
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Editeur / Publisher : EN
Année / Year : 2004   Nbr. Pages :      21 pages / 66 kb     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
The Radio Manifesto is a clarion call of our children’s intention to express themselves through the use of media, in general, and radio in particular. It clearly explains, for radio broadcasters worldwide, the important role they can play in putting children’s human rights into action - not just in making
sure the decision makers of tomorrow are protected and respected but also by enabling them to be actively involved in the development of their communities.
Zane Ibrahim, Managing Director, Bush Radio, Cape Town, South Africa

This Manifesto makes it very clear that children are part of the community and further enables children to voice their opinions in a world that they too inhabit and care for. The usefulness of their Manifesto as a children’s rights instrument for making change is essentially in making participation a reality and creating an awareness in the communities about children’s rights as well as nurturing future leaders in radio and communication.
Charlotte McClain, Commissioner, South African Commission on Human Rights

The international Radio Manifesto is an important document. Children are taking action to tell us what they want and what they need from radio. It is our duty to respond.
John Chaloner, Regional Director, Plan West Africa

Most of the young people who have contributed to this Radio Manifesto are from the low income countries of the world where radio is the most widely used form of media. In it they are asking radio broadcasters to play a more proactive role to implement many of the rights enshrined in the UNCRC. The media often shows us the problems of children’s lives. Now, these young broadcasters are showing that they want to be, and that they can be part of the solution.
Cecilia von Feilitzen, Ph.D. Scientific Co-ordinator, The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media, Nordicom, Goteborg University

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