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Titre / Title : Manual de Apoio - Produçao de programas em radio comunitaria
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Editeur / Publisher : UNDP - UNESCO
Année / Year : 2003   Nbr. Pages :      51 pages / 245 Kb     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Integrating and training new programme producers
into a community radio – also on construction of
community editorial groups

A community radio is a unique tool for empowerment, social development and change. The main reason is that the community radio belongs to a limited group of people, a smaller community, where the basic conditions for life and its challenges are more or less the same, where we know each other, and where recent research shows that we generally really like to live.
Looking to such a reality in rural Mozambique, a community owned, operated and maintained radio should not be possible. And we know that it is only so with utmost commitment, care, planning - and some luck. A number of different tools can, however, facilitate the development of a framework where such a difficult sustainability can be obtained.
One of these important sustainability aspects has to do with the staffing of a community radio: paying expensive salaries is simply not an option, nor desirable: we want the radio programmes to be produced by our people, we want the languages and ways of using these to be ours, we want the metaphors and cultural references to come from our history and present reality… so we need to find a way of working with community members, who give their time and special community capacity to the radio on a volunteer basis. Many find it questionable, even sometimes unethical, to call on community members to work without pay. But this is the only way financially possible - and we do it in so many other community development contexts. We all have to give what we have in terms of time and experience to move towards our future dreams.
As a volunteer community programme producer you work on the basis of a contract with the radio, which ensures that you have rights and obligations. You will learn a lot from courses and from daily contact with the colleagues and the equipment - and you will facilitate a unique community service through the radio!
One of the many issues when working with a group of volunteers has to do with effectively managing this group. UNESCO in Mozambique has developed a concept of "Mobiliser", who ensures that the community programmers always are representative of all the communities in the community, who plan for effective introduction of new volunteers into the groups and who coordinate the work of the editorial groups.
Training, inclusion, coaching and support is very important in such a radio, because the groups of community producers by nature is very fluid: while some start in the radio, others stop - sometimes there are too many programmers available, at other times too few. And training is something that never stops. It has to be an ongoing, integral part of the life of a radio.
These are the issues dealt with in this manual. Good luck. It is worth all the effort !!!! It is for you and your children - your community!

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