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Titre / Title : Children's Rights and the Media: A Resource for Journalists by journalists
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Editeur / Publisher : Mediawise and UNICEF EN
Année / Year : 2005   Nbr. Pages :      60 pages / 372 Kb     Taille / Size

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Evaluation / Book review.
Commissioned by UNICEF and based on the practical experience of working journalists, what follows is an attempt to assist media professionals and others to consider how the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child might impact upon the way children are represented in and by the media.
Its purpose is to generate responsible coverage of children and the impact of adult behaviour and decisions on their lives, as well as to encourage media professionals to consider how best to protect the rights of children and help children to play a role in the mass media.
First published in 1999, a revised and expanded second edition was published in February 2005.


* Media professionals and children's rights

* The Convention on the Rights of the Child

* Children with disabilities

* Children and discrimination

* Children and the family

* Child labour

* Children and armed conflict

* Children's health and welfare

* The child's identity

* Children's opinions and civil freedoms

* Children in public care

* Children and the media

* Children in the media

* Education

* Children and crime

* Sexual abuse and exploitation of children

* The responsibilities of the state

* Appendices

o The Convention on the Rights of the Child

o UN Millennium Goals

o A World Fit for Children?

o IFJ Guidelines

o WHO Guidelines

o A calendar of 'hooks'

o Useful contacts

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