Auteur / Author : ONLINE
Titre / Title : ADEN centres administrative and financial management training course : trainee module
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Editeur / Publisher : ADEN / Next EN
Année / Year : 2007   Nbr. Pages :      74 pages / 1,3 Mb     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
This « training kit », available in French, English and Portuguese, in hard copy, on CD-ROM and online, combines resources both for trainers and learners. The resources for trainers should facilitate their pedagogical work (animation charts, training structuring, corrected individual and collective exercises …). The learners resources allows them not only a more effective follow-up to the training but also their self-training (vocabulary, support and information files, documents models, exercises…). These different types of resources are combined, in a very practical way, so as to secure a maximum impact of the training towards stressing the know-how of both participants and trainers.

This training and its supports are an important resource for boosting local competences as they give answers to such practical questions as, for instance, which legal status to adopt? how to keep an account book? which marketing policy to adopt? how to relocate the benefits? T hey are freely accessed and are designed for use by all public access structures to accompany them in their continuity strategies. These resources are proposed to everyone within a skills and experience sharing spirit. They can hence be adapted, if needed, to each training to secure their full appropriation by trainers and learners.
Source:, 22/10/2007

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