Auteur / Author : The Southern Africa Institute for Media Entrepreneurship Development (SAIMED) ONLINE
Titre / Title : Financial Sustainability Model for Community Radio Stations in Southern Africa
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Editeur / Publisher : MISA
Année / Year : 2002   Nbr. Pages :      23 pages / 162 kB     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
This document presents a financial sustainability model that has been developed by The Southern Africa Institute for Media Entrepreneurship Development (SAIMED) with the aim of assisting community radio stations in Southern Africa to become financially sustainable from inception. This model was developed based on research conducted in Namibia in 2002 among six community radio stations in that country.
In developing this model, it was assumed that it would primarily be applied in cases where a new community radio station was being established. However, the model was designed to be equally applicable in existing community radio stations which did not utilise this model at the time of their establishment. The publisher believes that by implementing the steps outlined in the model, existing community radio stations could make a fresh start which will lead them to financial sustainability. The model is also equally applicable irrespective of differences in economic activity or cultural differences.
For purposes of this document, a financial sustainability model is defined as a series of steps to be followed by a community radio station in order that they might achieve financial sustainability.
The proposed financial sustainability model for community radio stations consists of seven elements:

* Environmental Scanning

* Strategic Planning

* Partnership Establishment

* Human Resource Planning

* Financial Planning

* Project Implementation

* Monitoring and Evaluation
(Source: Soul Beat Africa, Communication Initiative, June 2007:

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