Auteur / Author : Dennis List ONLINE
Titre / Title : Know Your Audience: A Practical Guide to Media Research
Collection / Series :
Editeur / Publisher : Original Books, Wellington, New Zealand EN
Année / Year : 2005   Nbr. Pages :      312 pages     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Written by Dennis List, founder of Audience Dialogue, this book is written primarily for media people in developing countries, and small communications-related organisations in the developed world. According to the author, in order to help readers whose first language is not English, the book is written in a clear, simple style, avoiding slang and academic jargon.
All chapters of the book are available on the website. Most chapters are late drafts of the 2002 edition of the book, plus a few corrections and updates. The printed version is very similar, but includes some corrections, and has a more detailed coverage of some topics.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Planning
Chapter 2: Sampling
Chapter 3: Questionnaires
Chapter 4: Fieldwork
Chapter 5: Analysis
Chapter 6: Reporting the findings
Chapter 7: Telephone surveys
Chapter 8: Mail surveys
Chapter 9: Visitor surveys
Chapter 10: In-depth interviewing
Chapter 11: Group discussions
Chapter 12: Monitoring and response cultivation
Chapter 13: Observation
Chapter 14: Co-discovery conferences
Chapter 15: Internet audience research
Chapter 16: Content analysis
Chapter 17: Using research well

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