Auteur / Author : GIRARD, Bruce (ed.) ONLINE
Titre / Title : The One to Watch. Radio, New ICT and Interactivity
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Editeur / Publisher : Comunica / FAO with support of FES EN
Année / Year : 2003   Nbr. Pages :      243 pages / 1,1 MB (PDF)     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Radio networks for exchanging information and programming have been around almost as long as broadcast radio itself. The combination of the Internet and broadcast radio now offers a new and potent range of possibilities for development communication. Broadcasters who used to have to travel for hours to find a public library to research a programme, now have instant access to the Internet; and national, regional and global radio news and alternative perspectives are available to even the most remote communities. The radio/telecommunications combination is helping keep communities together despite the distances imposed by migration. The cases presented in this book are among the first examples demonstrating the value of converging radio and new ITCs for Development. The book argues that radio will have even greater significance and value in years to come. For this reason we believe that radio is the one to watch. (catalogue FAO)
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The next generation of rural radio is already with us. Once prized for their ‘proximity’ to local news as well as local listeners, progressive rural stations have added on several news layers of quality,
thanks to the Internet. Research by local stations can now easily have a global spread, and programmes can be shared all over the world, as happens between diaspora migrant communities and their home villages.
Current practices in pro-gramme exchange and delivery, and future prospects, are dis-cussed by 22 leading practitioners in rural radio from English-, French- and Portuguese speaking Africa and from Latin America. Their honest consideration of the problems of connectivity on the ‘unpaved information highway’ is what keeps the book’s feet on the ground, and rural radio’s message in the air. But it sows seeds of dreams too: how about – just to stimulate more ideas, send them to Mailbox – organising shared programmes on radio stations in cotton-producing Mali and in subsidised cotton-farming Mississippee in the United States of America? Think global, broadcast local.
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(Book review excerpted from SPORE, 109, February 2004)

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