Auteur / Author : Ibrahima Sane & Johan Deflander ONLINE
Titre / Title : Heeding the Voiceless: A Guide to Use Oral Testimonies for Radio Documentaries
Collection / Series :
Editeur / Publisher : IPWA - Insitute Panos Western Africa EN
Année / Year : 2006   Nbr. Pages :      76 pages / 1158 Kb     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
This 76-page manual, published by Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA), explains the philosophy of the Oral Testimony (OT) and suggests a step-by-step approach for community radio volunteers, and radio journalists in general, who may want to use this format. According to the publishers, OT focuses on "hidden" voices, contexts, and content. The hidden voices refer to the masses in the country that do not have the opportunity to make their voices heard at government level, or on public platforms. The methodology of Oral Testimony radio reporting is based on a specific interview method using the "Oral Testimonies" of the local population in their original languages.
The manual is designed for radio producers and programme directors. It assumes a basic know-how of talk radio production, as well as sound editing capacities and focuses on the expansion of traditional methods of interviewing for radio. Each chapter covers a different area of using oral testimonies for radio documentaries.

* Chapter 1: Why this guide ?

* Chapter 2: What is oral testimony ?

* Chapter 3: Why Oral Testimony for radio production ?

* Chapter 4: Some practical guidelines for listening and airing Oral Testimonies for radio

* Chapter 5: Listening, Logging, and Editing (Producing)
Source: Soul Beat and Radio for Peace Building, Africa, March 2009

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