Auteur / Author : Jon HARGREAVES and Francis ROLT ONLINE
Titre / Title : How to Produce a Radio Soap for Conflict Prevention/Resolution (2 parts)
Collection / Series : 2nd edition
Editeur / Publisher : Search for Common Ground-SFCG/ Radio for Peacebuilding Africa-RFPA EN
Année / Year : 2006   Nbr. Pages :      1st part: 58 pages/384 Kb     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.
Project Manager is an introduction to and discussion of the practicalities (basic issues such as preparation, budgets, contracts and production) designed for project managers.

1. The Soap Manual Part II – How to Write a Radio Serial Drama for Conflict Transformation – is designed as a complete course for the training of writers of radio soap opera for conflict transformation

2. The manual contains 25 folders labelled from "00-Admin” to "24-Closing session”. You can either download the entire manual, or request a CD version of the manual for your computer. Only if you request a CD version will you be able to use the audio examples specially prepared for the manual. Request the CD version here

3. The folder "00-Admin” contains the files you will need to manage and administer the course, including checklists, schedules, a welcome letter, and some useful additional resources. The remaining numbered folders, 01-24, correspond to the units in the course schedule. The number denotes the unit number, followed by the unit title. These folders contain the resources that you need for each unit, such as audio files, overhead slides etc. The naming convention of the files is as follows:

* Facilitator's manual

* Participants' workbook

* Overhead or PowerPoint slides

* Background briefings for the facilitator

* Handouts for participants

* Audio files

4. Hardware resources needed

* Flip charts, markers, and tape

* CD player or computer to play audio samples

* Overhead projector or computer projector for PowerPoint slides
To access to the documents and files from the website, you have to logging (very easy), and then go to "Manuals"

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