Auteur / Author : Stephen Kasoma ONLINE
Titre / Title : Using Radio to Help Communities Talk
Collection / Series :
Editeur / Publisher : Straight Talk Foundation, Uganda EN
Année / Year : 2006   Nbr. Pages :      33 pages / 1.150 kb     Taille / Size


Evaluation / Book review.

This manual is about how to use radio for encouraging community dialogue and exploring various stages of creating programming. It was published by Straight Talk Foundation (STF), a non-governmental organisation in Uganda specialising in health and development communication through radio, print, and community out-reach training, based on the importance of radio in Uganda as a tool for propelling communities into action.

According to the publishers, the language is designed to be easy to understand, with technical words explained. Photographs appear on top of every page to give a mental picture of the community for which the manual is designed.

This manual consists of six parts:
Part 1
Why communities need to talk.
Part 2
How can radio promote talk?
Part 3
Conceptualising the show you want to make.
Part 4
Going to the field.
Selecting interviews.
Part 5
Creating a radio show that will help communities talk.
Part 6
Working with radio stations.

Stephen Kasoma, Assistant IT Officer
Straight Talk Foundation
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